Benefits LPG.

Directly for the environment: less CO2 and fine dust emissions.

Driving on LPG is less harmful to the environment and contributes directly to better air quality. It reduces CO2 emissions to 21% (well to wheel) and fine dust emissions to more than 95% compared to driving on petrol. Bio-LPG is even greener.


Available immediately, nationwide network.

Autogas has an extensive refueling and service network in the Netherlands and Europe. It is the most used alternative fuel in the world.


Save directly on fuel costs.

LPG is almost € 1 per liter cheaper than gasoline (in the Netherlands).


Comfortable refueling and no power loss.


Extra driving range.

In addition to driving on LPG you have the option to switch to gasoline.

Especially for gasoline cars that are already driving around!

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