Frequently Asked Questions.

LPG safe in the event of a fire?

An LPG tank has a safety that opens at 27 bar and then blows the LPG overpressure through venting to the outside, so there is no risk of explosions.

Is LPG safe in the event of a collision?

An LPG tank is made of 3 mm sheet steel that can deform without tearing (current petrol tanks are made of thinner plastic that can tear or break).


Place of an LPG tank?

Today, LPG tanks have a round shape, which means that they can usually be placed at the location of the spare wheel (in or under the car), so that the boot is maintained.

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When is it profitable to have a LPG installation installed?
Driving on LPG becomes cost-effective if you travel more than around 12,000 km per year
drives (with smaller vehicles - use car 1 in 12 gasoline and use car
1 in 10 LPG). The difference in fuel prices between, for example, Belgium and
The Netherlands can help even more with this.

How much does it cost to install a LPG installation?
The starting price is € 1,675 including installation and deregistration RDW including VAT (4 cylinder
engine) (2 year warranty on parts) and is up to € 2,600 for an 8
cylinder engine.
There are also installations that even have a 3-year warranty on the parts before
to drive on LPG without any worries.


Which cars can be converted?
Most brands and models of gasoline cars can be made by us
equipped with an LPG installation. The LPG systems now available on the market
work on 95% of all existing petrol cars.


Do I have a warranty on my LPG installation?

Yes, your R&R car service gives a 2 to 3 year warranty on your new Prince LPG installation

What will happen to my car?
Your car will get an extra LPG system on the engine and an extra fuel tank,
which is often placed in the trunk. Your car remains suitable for gasoline
and with the push of a button you can switch to the
desired fuel. An additional advantage is that this is the action radius
considerably because you can run on two fuels.


How long does it take to build in LPG?

If you bring the car for the installation of an LPG installation then R&R will charge
on average 3 days to assemble, test and finish the LPG installation
report to the RDW (the Netherlands). You can then use one of our loan cars
so you just stay mobile when your car is with us.


At how many kilometers per year can I drive on LPG?

With every car there is a difference between consumption and mileage, to have an exact calculation made you can request more specific information on the '' QUOTATION '' form.

Can I also have my Belgian car installed?

Car service R&R is not only ready for the Dutch customer, but also for the Belgian customer.

Through years of experience and a large network of partners, Autoservice R&R can also convert and deregister your Belgian car with a so-called '' certificate '' so that you can get on the road without worry and refuel cheaply.


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